Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Deer and Coyote print next to each other.

An Abbynormal love for... Prints in Sand and Snow

I have this "thing" for finding prints. Maybe it's the Native American in me that is found in both sides of my family. Santee Sioux on my fathers side and Cherokee on my mothers. It could just be that I like knowing what's out "there" at night while I sleep.  Finding prints is like finding cool rocks, but you can't put them in your pocket and take them home with you. But, you can take photos.

When I lived in the desert I loved to go out the morning after a wind storm to see all the fresh critter prints from the night before. I am always amazed at what find! 
Javelina pig tracks in sand. AZ.
AZ Desert Millipede "enlarged"
Many times there would be an area where many different types of tracks would crisscross like a super highway.

A Super Highway of rodent and snake prints!
Once I even found what looked like a battlefield between a rodent and a snake! Who won I will never know...

Then I moved to the Pacific Northwest....

Nice size coyote.
 I now no longer have sand everywhere at my feet. But when we get snow, even a light amount I can go out and get my print fix.

Raccoon prints.
This morning I found many, many prints of raccoons all around our house.

Makes me very glad that our chicken coop is secure and that the large fir tree the peacocks sleep in at night is raccoon proof! Although I know that coons can be a bother I sure love their little hand prints in the snow. 
Deer and Coyote prints. Deer hoof drag on left.
I also found many coyote prints, most of these seemed to follow the same trails as the deer. 

One thing that I noticed about the coyote prints was that they must step within their own prints with their alternating paws, for their trail looks like they only have two legs, unlike deer that leave a trail two prints wide. hmmmm This is very interesting to me. 
Blood on the trail.
More blood on the trail! Coyote against rodent, coyote won.

Raccoon visitor to our back door.

I found a few "other" types of prints while I was out-and-about this AM.

A size 7 bare Shefoot track.

An antler track. hahaha

  Honda CRX HF tracks.

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