Monday, February 5, 2018

An Abbynormal Thought..."This looks like Oregon"

I was in the passenger seat as we were driving back from town the other day.  As I was enjoying the scenery a thought popped into my head. This looks like Oregon.  Really?!?!, that thought again!

I have been back living in Oregon going on 7 years now, ever since I became a mail-order bride, aka product of 2 weeks on an online Christian dating site.

The last time I lived in Oregon I was 6 years old living on a small farm with my family in the Pleasant Hill area. I loved it. I spent much of my time hunting frogs in the slough between our place and my cousins place.
This internet photo could have been me.

I also like playing with my pet hen and gathering the chicken eggs or eating strawberries out of our garden and climbing our fruit trees.  But, one of my most favorite things was hanging out at my grandma and grandpa's farm....across the street. She had lots of flower beds, a very large garden, fruit trees, bird houses, chickens, ducks.....and a two story house with wooden stairs (lots of fun to play on)! I would help my grandma weed her flowers, but really I was "kinda" weeding, but mostly hunting for garter snakes.  It was the prefect place to grow up.

But then the summer of my 7th birthday my father took a job in Las Vegas and that is how we ended up in this desert city.  So there we were driving across the desert, without air conditioning in our car in the summer heat. It was so hot our cat was panting! It was so hot that is took more then 2 weeks before the moving company found someone who would drive our furniture and stuff across the desert!
I hated it in the dry lack of much green desert. Plus there were no frogs around and the snakes  were poisnous!
So here started my 40 years in the desert.

Every home that we lived in became a mini Oregon. With lots of flowers and some trees planted. As I grew up and had my own homes this flower-tree planting continued. But then I added ponds.

The first house we bought I added a small pond, which was more like an in ground bird bath within the ever growing flower beds. We also planted lots of trees. Each year we would buy a live Christmas tree to then plant in the yard.

The second home we bought was on a half acre. It already had good size pine trees along two whole sides. (My sister and her husband planted them all, since it had been their place before we bought it from them). I had a cement bird bath about 2' by 2'. Then someone gave my a turtle! Oh....that little bird bath was  not big enough for him. So I dug a pond. It ended up being  around 10-12' long, shallow at one end with a waterfall and then about 2 1/2 feet deep at the other end. In the area around the pond I planted lots of flowers. AND....I found a pond store in town that sold tadpoles! Bullfrog tadpoles! I was so excited to finally have frogs again. At night I would sit out by the pond and watch all the pond life interact. It almost felt like I was in Oregon.

The front yard
The third and last home I bought in Las Vegas had one large tree in the front yard. That was it. The back yard was all grass. So I started planting trees. Around a dozen along the fence line in the backyard. Meanwhile I paid my son to remove the grass from the front yard and I beefed up the sprinkler system and turned the whole yard into one big flower garden!

Then I stared work on back yard again and I had a large 6 sided, 127 square foot bird avairy built in the center of the yard. I had decided a few years back that if I owned birds that they must have a flight cage. There were doves, cockatiels, parakeets and button quail within the aviary. Their sounds were awesome!


After the aviary I put in another pond with a waterfall. It was stocked with koi, goldfish, turtles and of course bullfrog tadpoles!

A one year old bull frog

 The place was starting to look like Oregon. Well, kinda.

To add to my weirdness, while on vacation in Northern California I found some moss on a piece of bark. I brought it home and put it in a terrarium. I kept it alive for about a year. Oh how I loved moss, a rareity in the Nevada desert.

Well, time keeps on going. All my kids had grown up and moved out. My job had ended and it was time to sell and move. I figuered I would go visit all the kids spred out in many different states and my mother in Arizona and also my grandma in Oregon. I was thinking that somewhere in my travels I would find a new home.

I never dreamed I would end up back in Oregon. But I did.
I met Daniel on a Christian dating site. 
Acually, he found me, and I was only on for two weeks! He lived in Oregon. I really wasn't trying to get back to Oregon anymore. I had learned to love the desert and all its wonderfull wildlife and rocks. I was leaning towards moving to Arizona.

So after Daniel and I married we bought a farm in the corner of NW Oregon.
The huge maple trees here are covered in moss. The ground is covered in moss. It is so awesome! I have no need for a terrarium to keep moss in. It is everywhere!
There are hundreds of frogs in the "everywhere you look pools of water" singing a chorus at night and you have to love those pretty little Oregon snakes!
There is a spring next to the house and a year round creek close by. No pond building needed. Then every spring and all through the summer the hills on and around our farm go through color changes of pink, purple, yellow, and white flowers! No flower beds to weed or tend to. It so feels like Oregon.

 So here I am driving through beautiful Oregon and still after 7 years my mind says, This looks like Oregon!  Maybe that is because it is Oregon....silly girl!

Well, um, after all this "paradise and moss on earth time" God told us to go. Time is short, He says, we need to be busy with people, not property. So we put the farm up to sell, and now WE have a buyer. We will be leaving Oregon soon, stopping along the way to visit kids and grandkids then headed to training Texas. I wonder how many times I will think, "This looks like Oregon" in Texas?

Monday, January 29, 2018

Abbynormals Journey towards health. Discovering the Keto Zone lifestyle.

My people Perish for Lack of Knowledge  Hosea 4:6

How many different size pants do you have in your closet? I know I have at least three sizes. I have been up and down in my weight so many times. I think about a year ago I stopped trying. I so was tired of being hungry all the time. I gave up. Then, of course, I gained. I bought bigger sizes, and I still gained. I wasn't sleeping well, it seemed that everything was starting to hurt, my hands, my feet, my arms, my jaw, bla bla bla. I knew I was reaping what I  had sown. I also knew this was not what God had for me. So I searched the Bible for answers. I prayed. My husband prayed. And God answered!

Stage One --Healing of my Spirit and Soul

When I became born-again my spirit was made alive. It was then that I started understanding the Bible and started seeing the world different. Yet, for years I kept waiting for God to "fix" me and make me whole, that someday I would just arrive at understanding. I didn't know that I had a part in my "maturing" in the Word  as a Believer of Christ.  I  did not know that it was my job to renew my mind and take care of my body, His temple. Somehow I missed that teaching... that I have work to do, work in transforming my mind and body. Surely my pastors taught on this...did I miss their teachings, or did they not teach this?  My thoughts were all over the place and  were full of self hatred, anxiety, and fear.  I did not know that I was destroying myself!  I am so glad that God does not give up on us!  God was faithful to help me understand how to renew my mind through Brother Curry Blake's teachings at  What an awesome moment it was when this mind renewing revelation was made clear to my understanding! It was my job to renew my mind using Gods Word.  It was my job to take every thought captive!  MY JOB!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

Through Brother Curry's teachings I have been learning how to renew my mind for a few years now with full understanding that it is my job.  But the body, well, it seemed to have a will of its own. The appetite of the flesh, especially towards food was deep in me, all the way back to when I overcame anorexia nervosa in high school. It seems that I always  had a "relationship" with food even when I was starving myself! 

Stage Two--Revelation from God

1 Cor. 3:16  "Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? "

In seeking freedom from food issues I have been studying the Bible with regards to food, eating, and gluttony, all within the relationship of our body being His temple. God has been dealing with me, because he wants all of me. He wants me free. Spirit, Soul and Body!  He wants me healthy! How useful is a sick overweight soldier? What sort of witness is this to the unsaved?  Jesus paid the price for my His Strips I was healed. If I feed myself unhealthy food, then get fat and start having health issues, then go to God for my healing, but don't do my part and take care of this body, should I expect to stay healed? We reap what we sow. Period. If instead of putting good clean motor oil in your car you add dirty cooking oil, can you expect your car to run right??   God gave us good clean simple food.

It is amazing how your mind can talk you into eating more food then you need or unhealthy foods, because....there is always tomorrow to start eating right or start that diet. But, like most people when tomorrow shows up we have another excuse!  Sometimes we compare ourselves to others and say; "I am not as big as so and so"... Why do we always judge ourselves against others?  We must take every thought captive! Loves others as God sees them and we must know what the Bible says about being disciplined soliders in Gods army.

God had me searching and seeking freedom and Godly health and in my quest to find answers I came across a youtube video on BVOV (Believer's Voice of Victory Network) in which Kenneth Copeland talks with Dr. Don Colbert, a Christian and author of the "Keto Zone".  During this almost 2 hour video my life changed. I heard the truth like I had not heard before. Godly truth!  About 30 minutes into this program Kenneth shares what God had shown him a few years back. This is his statement: "There is a difference between one who desires to be well and one who is just tired of being sick. I need to be well for a reason. I am a soldier in the army of the Lord, I need to be well, I need to be strong, I need to be believing God!  One who desires to be well will confess healing scriptures everyday, will not dare miss taking his supplements, wouldn't eat anything excepts Gods way of eating, "organic and right portions", he wouldn't eat anything other then Gods way of eating under any circumstances!"

That is a pretty powerfull statement! Where am I at with this thinking? I had been pretty carefree, and thoughtless with my eating. I am told in  Romans 12:1-2  "I beseech you therefore, brethen, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God."  I present my body! Is my body holy? Is it a living sacrifice? Have I really taken care of it the way God would want me to? Not worship it, but take care of it, subdue it, make my flesh obey!   Just like it is my job to renew my mind it was my job to take care of this body, which He calls His temple.

Stage Three- Healing of my Body

In Lester Sumrall's book "Spirit Soul and Body" he says, quote "Nothing can so hinder us as the outward man dominating the inward man. If we have never learned how to release our inward man by breaking through the outward man, we are not able to serve the living God as we should."

In the video Dr. Colbert talks about how certain foods can cause inflamation within your body. Mainly nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes...) gluten, and dairy.  What if Dr. Colbert is right, in that most of the food I craved was causing inflamation in my body? I pretty muched lived on dairy,  gluten, and veggies from the nightshade family. Tacos anyone?? No more cheese,  salsa,  chips, or corn/flour tortillas for me! So it is somewhat of a challenge to be doing Keto Zone along with the no inflamitory foods. Many times we were already eating Keto style, veggies and meat, but our main diet was mexican food. Since watching the 2 hour video above I have been changed inside and out. The pounds are melting away and I have had no temptations to go back to the way I was. Plus no heart burn! I cleaned out my cupboards and refrigerator, and got rid of all foods that I will not be eating anymore. So much freedom! Such a simple way to eat. One of my daughters and her husband have been eating this way for years for health and fitness reasons. She had shared info with me, but I wasn't ready. They are very happy for us. Yes, us... I do the cooking so Daniel eats what I make. If it is good for me, it will be good for him.  I still have alot to learn, especially with meal planning. But, thankfully the internet is full of keto recipes. Plus, we are only eating twice a day, just brunch and dinner only. We just are not hungry. Before I was ALWAYS hungry! ALWAYS! I do not consider this a diet, this is a lifestyle heart change! Plus, almost all my aches and pains are all ready gone!

There is a lot of information on the internet about the Keto "lifestyle diet" if one is interested. I would encourage anyone interested to watch the youtube video Kenneth Copeland talks with Dr. Don Colbert . Just copy and paste it in the youtube search window.

It doesn't cost much more to buy good healthy food when you cut out all the junk.

1 Cor. 6:20 "For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s."

Just like renewing my mind to who the Bible says that I am, taking care of my body, Gods temple, is my responsibility. Mine! We must, through the Word, find out who we are.  It is our job.
Be. Know. Do.

1 Peter 1:13-16 Therefore grid up your minds, be sober, set your hope fully upon the grace that is coming to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; since it is written, "You shall be holy, for I am holy."

One final thought...Kenneth Copeland ask God... God, you delivered me from alcohol, and you delivered me from smoking, how are you going to deliver me from eating? I have to eat. God told him...I did not deliver you from drinking, I delivered you from drinking alcohol. I did not deliver you from breathing, I delivered you from breathing smoke! and I can deliver you from eating wrong foods!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Off Grid Water….Abbynormals Life without a water heater for 6 years.

Shock and disgust…the look on the realtors face when we told her that we have not had a water heater for 6 years! I guess if you don’t have a hot running shower you are dirty or uncivilized…well at least that was what the look on her face said.

I believe the water heater was invented around the mid 1800’s…..So what did people do before that? I suppose they were just dirty. Or, they heated their water on their wood stoves and took baths like us.

Well, for the last 6 years that is what we have been doing. We call them bucket baths. It wasn’t our original plan.

When we bought our farm in the woods all the water lines had been disconnected. There was no well on the property and we were 35+ minutes to the nearest “city” for city water. We had just moved in and it was winter and we had no water to the house.

The first 6 weeks we carried buckets of rainwater into the house for bathing, washing dishes and flushing toilets.
During this time we hunted for clues on what the past owner did for running water. There were two large water tanks up the hill behind the house, but no water lines going into them. Did they use the spring, the creek or both?? In the end we ran lines from the spring into the two large water holding tanks that thankfully were already plumbed to the house.

We now had gravity fed cold water in the house! We heated water on the kitchen stove and used this to wash dishes and to take bucket baths. In the winter time there was always a large pot or two on the wood stove ready for use.

That first summer we replaced our roof with a metal one and added rainwater collection to our water storage. This time we plumbed an old fashioned style hand pump into the kitchen to bring the rain water inside.

The grandkids loved taking turns pumping the water! And…my hair loved being washed with rainwater, it grew fast like wild weeds!

We talked occasionally of putting in a water heater, but we had grown use to this lifestyle. It wasn’t that hard. We kept a 5 gallon bucket in the bathroom to fill with warm water from the stove at bath time. Then you just took a large cup and doused yourself with warm water, soaped up, then rinsed off. That easy. Kind of like 1800’s or before.

One other reason we decided against the “water heater” was missions. We knew someday we were going to go into some type of fulltime ministry, somewhere, and we wanted to be ready for any environment.

During these 6 years we have learned not take things for granted. Don’t waste water, wood, food, and time.

The farm is on the market now, and to make it more sellable we added a propane water heater. Has it been nice having hot showers? or instant hot water for dishes? It has been a treat. But, I know that I will truly miss the old ways that I have grown to love.

Friday, September 8, 2017

 ~~Abbynormal Turns the Page~~

As far back as I can remember when thinking about my future… always had something to do with living in the country or woods. It was my life dream. (See my first blog “Abbynormal Peace”) It was a big part of what Linda, my best friend in junior high and I talked about. We were going to be roommates and live on the little farm I was raised on in Oregon. We were going to have horses and goats and chickens, and, and, and….
Tick Tock....

Then later on in high school I thought more about becoming a hermit, living in the woods alone and studying wildlife.

Tick Tock....

This desire to live in the country showed up in how I raised my children, how we bought a little house on a small piece of land surrounded by the city, and we had a couple of horses and raised farm animals. (See my blog “Abbynormal Family Farm”)

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Yet, there is something that never stops moving forward, tick is called TIME, my children grew up, one moved to Hawaii another to Alaska, and some to the other side of town. I was alone in my house in the city and I really wanted to be back in the country. My kids encouraged me to JUST GO..... part of me thought that they would follow, but they had their own lives and most had put down roots.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the desert, I miss the desert, I just don’t like the city part of Las Vegas. I was ready to move. I put my house on the market to sell, and I was going to go visit and stay with family until I found a new home.  Then my sister told me about a Christian online dating site, I decided that I would give it a try for two weeks. Just two weeks!
Tick Tock...

My profile write up was harsh and to the point of who I was and what I was looking for and not looking for!

A man from Oregon found me, he seemed to have the same life dream that I had. We talked, and then he flew to Las Vegas to meet me, then 5 months later we got married at my moms place in AZ.
Tick Tock...

I told my friends at “Dancing with the Seniors” good-bye and that I was a mail-order bride,  hahahahaha they were old, they understood.  Then when the whirlwind settled I was in NW Oregon married and living in an apartment.
Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

We spent his days off from the job hiking along the ocean trails and gathering driftwood and rocks.
In the evenings we read the Bible, other Christian books and we rented video biographies of the lives of many Christians from the past. After a few months of this routine and with our apt garage getting pretty full of driftwood and rocks we felt it was time to start house hunting. With both of us having the same life dream we looked for a home in the country.
Tick Tock...

After much hunting we found a very-in-need-of-work-house on 24 acres with a year round creek. The price was right. We were bored and jumped right into all the cleanup and repairs. UG. The past owner must had been a hoarder...there was so much junk to take to the dump! What were we thinking!!!
Tick Tock...

During that time we also came across a Christian video series called “Gods Generals” . We would rent one at a time to watch, then look up more information about each person covered in the series. If you are a Christian you will understand what I am about to share. Sometimes something happens and you feel a burning desire within your Spirit and you just know, feel, that something is the truth. We were watching another “Gods Generals” when this happened. This one was about John G. Lake.

He had been in the Portland area about 100 years ago. Unlike many of the “Generals” that when they died, so did their ministries, yet, John G. Lake actually trained people and his ministry is still going on today in Texas. We watched, we read, we prayed, we found truths that we had never heard before! Our eyes were opened and everything that seemed so important before, land, solitude, farming… became second. I felt like I was born-again, again. I also felt like I had wasted so many years hunting for paradise on earth.  What an elusion that had been! We connected with the John G. Lake Ministries in TX, we ordered books and CD’s, we studied, we had found truth!  
T   I   C   K      T   O  C   K . . .

But, we also had a broken down farm that still needed a lot of work. So we worked hard, replaced two roofs (rooves), built animal barns, fences, remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms... we were tired but we had a new focus, a new timeline, a new life dream.
Tick Tock...
Daniel was close to early retirement, so this became our deadline. We wanted to go, just as Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  God has put a love for people into my heart that had never been there before and I wonder how I could have ever thought to be a hermit. God had never told us to try and find paradise on earth or gather up treasures while here. Jesus said, if you have two tunics, give to one in need, not have a closet full of tunics.... not that we can't have homes, He also said as you go, which could also mean while at work or in the store if you see a need take care of it. Think about it.....

Tick Tock...

So, here we are at our deadline…almost 6 years working on the farm, it has at times been joyful and other times very hard. I have struggled with loosing my focus, and at times thinking my new life dream was never going to happen even though we were right on schedule…But, patience’s is one of God’s virtues. As a newly married couple the extra time has been good, allowing us to build more of a foundation and work through our differences. It was also fun having the kids and grandkids visit the farm and help with the animals or just hold a soft bunny. The hardest part of my move was not seeing the kids as much.....they were my biggest encourager's with moving, yet none of us thought through the missing of family times. I have lost many tears and hours of sleep over that one.  Tick Tock....

I have learned a lot on our farm, like gathering wild plants for food, raising goats, pigs, chickens and rabbits for meat and tanning hides.
Life skills that I can teach to others if needed. One night I was laying in bed, not able to sleep, so I started counting rabbits not sheep, 56...63.…72.…84.….92.…92! I had 92 rabbits in my Rabbitry…Hahahahaha I knew I had a few but not 92.
One will never be low on meat if they raise rabbits! And YES, they do taste just like chicken!

So all the work on the farm is done, and it is on the market!    

 Our new little “home” on wheels is ready to go.
We have been selling stuff, then more stuff. Packing and giving things away. We will travel around first and spend time with family before heading off to Texas.

We may not be the most qualified people,
but we are available and we are ready to go! Here am I...send me Lord.

Lets turn this page and start a new chapter!

Tick Tock Tick Tock....

Friday, December 16, 2016

An Abbynormal Goodbye

Goodbyes are hard to say. Not getting to say goodbye is even harder...
Werner's 75th Birthday Hike

For the last month or two I have felt the need to write to an old friend of mine to thank him for being so kind to me and my kids and he needed to know about the love of Jesus. He needed to know! I had felt it in my knower, you know what I mean. I had put it off, I knew he had vision issues and I had been concerned that he would not be able to read my email or letter. But, I just found that I had his number and I didn’t remember that I had his number until it was to late. I laid in bed last night and cried because I missed an opportunity to tell him how much I appreciated all he had done for us. I know so little about him and his life because I was so busy with my own…

A gift from Werner
I first noticed him back when I was a junior in high school. It was the first big race of the season, the UNLV Cross Country Invitational. He was standing by the entrance to the track near where the race ended. I remember him standing there as I ran past, he wore a funny little hat like the one Gilligan wore on Gilligan’s Island. He spoke encouragement to me with his strange accent. (later I found out that he was Werner Hellmuth from Germany) He said with his fist tight…you can do it…you can do it…and I did, I won by 3-4 seconds. I went on to be undefeated that season and set 11 course records and I remember Werner being at a most of my races. Cheering for me! I saw him at the track club races on Saturdays also. He was always there…in his hat… cheering for me with that German accent.

Then life happened. I grew up, married and had kids, lots of kids, five. I trained off and on between kids but nothing serious. Then in my late 30’s I started training hard again. I sign up for a Mountain trail race and when I climbed inside the shuttle bus I saw an old man in a Gilligan hat sitting there. It was Werner, still running, looking the same as I had remembered him 20 years ago! We talked and I told him that one of my daughters was in high school cross country. He started coming to her races and cheering her on…

Taking photos of flowers.
On Aug. 17, 2001 I got the privilege to join Werner, along with two other ladies, Ernie and Liz on a 20 mile round trip hike to the top of Mount Charleston Peak, 11,916 feet, the highest mountain in the Spring Mountains in NV, to celebrate his 70th birthday! At the top we surprised him with a cupcake that we lit up with a candle. I remember we all signed the Peak journal with regards to Werner’s 70th birthday.

 For his 75th birthday we hike up the Bristlecone trail. He was getting slower, older…

I never learned much about Werner, he was from Germany and went back to visit friends and family often and would send me a postcard. He was never married, he said no woman ever wanted him. That seemed sad to me. Yet he was such a blessing to me and my family.
A Birthday Gift for Natasha from Werner.

 Later as a single mom he took my daughter to the Doctor when I didn’t have insurance and he even gave her his car when she was in college when her old one died. He became like a grandpa and we had him over for dinner and some holidays. When my son started running he even went to a couple of his races.
But, I was busy, too busy with life, work, and survival. Chronic running injuries forced my retirement from running and track club events, kids moved out or left for college. Then I moved out of state.

Postcards from Germany
We stayed in touch through emails and snail mail, mostly just stuff about how the kids are doing. Although as his eyes got bad even those got far between. I have had this urge to write him for a while. I put if off, it was on my check list, then moved to the next check list, then moved again. The Holy Spirit had laid it on my heart to let Werner know about how much Jesus loved him….and how thankful I was for all he did for me and my family….I knew in my knower that I needed to tell him….God knew what Werner was going through and the Holy Spirit was trying to get my attention. Werner knew I was a Christian. But, I had been to busy to ask him what he believed. Always afraid of offending… I understand different now. I know I may be the only believer that some may meet, I have to tell them of God’s love, forgiveness and of Jesus. I have to… even if they reject me!
This hurts, really bad!  Crying…I am sorry, Werner, for that last letter or call from me that you didn’t get. Maybe you would still be here... I am sorry God, that I didn’t recognize your promptings to write and tell him sooner…I was suppose to be there for him.
We have to slow down and remember that people are what really matters, not our stuff or our busy schedule. This life here is short, make that call, write that letter, tell that person how much they have blessed you before it is to late. Eternity is along time to be separated from the ones you love and care about.
RIP...Werner Hellmuth Aug. 17, 1931- Dec. 14, 2016.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Deer and Coyote print next to each other.

An Abbynormal love for... Prints in Sand and Snow

I have this "thing" for finding prints. Maybe it's the Native American in me that is found in both sides of my family. Santee Sioux on my fathers side and Cherokee on my mothers. It could just be that I like knowing what's out "there" at night while I sleep.  Finding prints is like finding cool rocks, but you can't put them in your pocket and take them home with you. But, you can take photos.

When I lived in the desert I loved to go out the morning after a wind storm to see all the fresh critter prints from the night before. I am always amazed at what find! 
Javelina pig tracks in sand. AZ.
AZ Desert Millipede "enlarged"
Many times there would be an area where many different types of tracks would crisscross like a super highway.

A Super Highway of rodent and snake prints!
Once I even found what looked like a battlefield between a rodent and a snake! Who won I will never know...

Then I moved to the Pacific Northwest....

Nice size coyote.
 I now no longer have sand everywhere at my feet. But when we get snow, even a light amount I can go out and get my print fix.

Raccoon prints.
This morning I found many, many prints of raccoons all around our house.

Makes me very glad that our chicken coop is secure and that the large fir tree the peacocks sleep in at night is raccoon proof! Although I know that coons can be a bother I sure love their little hand prints in the snow. 
Deer and Coyote prints. Deer hoof drag on left.
I also found many coyote prints, most of these seemed to follow the same trails as the deer. 

One thing that I noticed about the coyote prints was that they must step within their own prints with their alternating paws, for their trail looks like they only have two legs, unlike deer that leave a trail two prints wide. hmmmm This is very interesting to me. 
Blood on the trail.
More blood on the trail! Coyote against rodent, coyote won.

Raccoon visitor to our back door.

I found a few "other" types of prints while I was out-and-about this AM.

A size 7 bare Shefoot track.

An antler track. hahaha

  Honda CRX HF tracks.