Saturday, August 6, 2016

Abbynormals Love of Overalls

My best friend Kate and I.


Awbrey and Jessica always fight over who gets to set by Grandpa


Noe' in his overalls


Field of Daisy's
Overalls are great when taking walks also. We have tons of super yummy blackberries on our property that send out lots of little tripping vines. The thicker denim material seems to help protect your legs and doesn’t snag like stretchy city pants do.

Pretty flowers with Noe' and Selah.

Natasha in baggies and Kyle in high waters.

Even Baby Bear has Overalls!

I always keep my eyes open for overalls for sale at the Salvation Army. I want to make sure the closet is stocked with different sizes that way no one will be left out when they come to visit. Although, I know that some may “hope” to be left out. Hahaha
Morning tea with Tamara.
Chipmunks Jessica and Selah.

Snoopy gets a visit from Kelly 

Heading out for another adventure.

Are you wearing Overalls too?


  1. my main complaint about overalls is having to pull it all down to go pee. Especially in winter when maybe I have a sweater over the top of the overalls....just forget it, then. Baggy jeans work better. Fun photos and post.

    1. Yes, for potty breaks they are more work. But, for farm work I love all the pockets.

  2. Hi, I live in my overalls, only exception is when fly (due to metal detectors) or to business meetings (too much unnecessary attention :) otherwise always overalls, and preferable old well worn out overalls, my life is just so much better in overalls, difficult to find them here in Denmark, but I'm going to SF in October to find more thrifted overalls in thrift stores or Salvation Army :) overall greetings from the small farmhouse in DK , Niels

    1. Thank you for your comment...Yes, the old well worn overalls are the most comfortable. When my knees come through they then become overall shorts. After that their parts get recycled, then it is time to break in a newer pair.